School Regulation

Student Registration

  • Registration takes place from 20th-30th June
  • It is extended until the 30thSeptember
  • It is annually renewed


  • Students are required to attend school during the school?s fixed timetables
  • Students who delay their arrival or leave the school premises without permission are liable to disciplinary control.

Offences bound to discipline

  • Any kind of obstructing the school?s normal functioning
  • Improper student behavior
  • Possession of mobile phones or any other form of electronic devices

Taking action

  • Forensics club
  • Photography club
  • Book reading club
  • Environmental projects
  • European projects


1st Senior High School of Stavroupolis
2 Pesonton Heroon
Thessaloniki 56430
Tel: +30 2310 656387
Fax: +30 2310 601321
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